Dean Lister Seminar

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Dean Lister will be coming to Strike Martial Arts for a No Gi Seminar on August 8th, 2021. Sign up to reserve your spot for this world class seminar by a great instructor and competitor.
Come out and train with one of the best competitors in the world. He has a long list of very impressive accomplishments, including:
ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships

ADCC 2013 –99 kg: 2nd Place

ADCC 2011 –99 kg: 1st Place

ADCC 2005 Superfight championship: Defeated Jean Jacques Machado.

ADCC 2003 –98 kg: Absolute/Open weight: 1st Place

ADCC 2002 North American Trials -99 kg: 1st Place

Record of opponents:

  • Won: Jean Jacques Machado (pts 9-0), Iiir Latifi (sub-guillotine), Nathan Marquardt (sub-kimura), Saulo Ribeiro (sub-kneelock), Marcio 'Pe De Pano' Cruz (pts 3-0), Alexandre Ferreira 'Cacareco' (sub-heelhook), Masutatsu Yano (sub-rear naked choke), Augusto Ferrari (pts 2-0), Radek Turek (sub-heelhook), Rodolfo Vieira (sub-heelhook), Joao Assis (sub-heelhook), Ricardo "Demente" Abreu (sub-heelhook)
  • Lost: Xande Ribeiro (pts), Ricardo Almeida (pts), Vinny Magalhaes (pts)
  • Draw: Xande Ribeiro (Metamoris Pro 2012)


High school division wrestling champion.

Two-time national (US) sambo champion.

Four-time Machado National (US) BJJ champion.

National (US) Gracie BJJ champion.

Three-time ADCC submission wrestling World champion

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